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Zachary Warren


San Francisco, CA

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Innovative and results-driven Data Engineer with extensive experience in building high-performance geospatial data warehouses. Comfortable in fast-moving environments and adept at wearing multiple hats. With a strong background in hard sciences and a passion for space exploration, I am eager to contribute to the aerospace industry. Quick learner with a proven track record of leveraging modern technologies to solve complex problems and drive business growth.




Co-founder and Full-Stack Developer

Jun 2023 - Present

Founding member of a startup focused on commoditizing the GPU market. Accepted into Y Combinator.
  • Led front-end development, web analytics, and cloud infrastructure management, driving the company's growth to its first $80k in monthly recurring revenue
  • Designed and implemented data pipelines using Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, and Metabase to collect, process, and analyze data from PostHog and Google Analytics
  • Standardized Linux virtual machines across multiple cloud providers, creating a consistent CUDA and machine learning environment
  • Developed a user-friendly front-end platform for hundreds of users, implementing a cloud console-inspired interface using React, JavaScript, and RTK Query


Lead Data Engineer

Apr 2020 - Jun 2023

  • Built and led a team to derive insights for retailers from geofenced mobile data, estimating foot traffic and sales for over 200,000 locations
  • Led migration of petabyte-scale data pipelines, reducing monthly operating costs by 75% through optimizations
  • Reduced daily pipeline processing times from 15 hours to 2 hours, enabling same-day fulfillment of bulk client requests
  • Enabled near-instant turnaround for ad-hoc geospatial joins by creatively using census blockgroups to partition data
  • Built and managed a high-performance geospatial data lake, processing 1-2TB of new data daily
  • Managed the organization's data environment, AWS account, Databricks workspace, and Vertica cluster
Capital One

Capital One Financial Corp.

Data Analyst & Senior Data Analyst

Aug 2018 - Apr 2020

  • Led the migration of data environment from an on-prem Teradata deployment to AWS/Snowflake, coordinating with a large team
  • Implemented ETL processes using Apache Airflow and designed Python packages simplifying PySpark usage for analysts
  • Identified critical data quality issues and proposed an innovative data-mart solution with a customized data model
  • Orchestrated leadership buy-in and led MVP development, resulting in significant reduction of complexity for business analysts


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Vanderbilt University

B.S. in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Class of 2018